December 5, 2012
Gift Guide: Marissa Lippert of Nourish Kitchen + Table


1) The Edible Selby – mouthwatering food photos and recipes, perfect addition to my coffee table.
2) Wolfum Coasters – just cause they’re fun (and an easy stocking stuffer). 
3) The Breville Juicer…the perfect detoxifying remedy after a long evening of holiday cheer.
4) Because you can be fashionable in the kitchen too.  Birdkage St. Marks Studded Apron
5) Need I say more?  Noble Bourbon Maple Syrup
6) Whiskey Stones and Glasses – nothing like sipping around a roaring fire.
7) For my dream kitchen ….Brooklyn Copper Cookware – Hammersmith Saute Pan

Marissa Lippert
Owner Nourish Kitchen + Table.

Hand’s down our favorite kitchen maven. This gal makes a mean fig tart, keeps us in tomato salads (in season of course), looks super-cute in an apron (no easy feat) and can navigate the Greenmarket like a pro. She’s also got a knack for spotting EXACTLY what you wanted before you knew it existed. See what’s on this lovely foodie’s holiday list. 

Sidenote: Marissa’s opening Nourish Kitchen + Table in early 2013. A takeaway (or not) shop that will be turning out treats so tasty you’ll forget you even have an oven. Follow her here for updates @nourishnyc.

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